Linda Subia, Founder & Principal

Linda Subia is the founder, principal, and educator of Adinvita.  She is a passionate educational leader.  Her happiness comes from learning with others, creative minds, and extraordinary talents. Linda believes everyone has a purpose in life and wants to leave her mark by helping others understand the bigger picture because life is not a one-way street.  She believes that life is created through experiences, motivation, knowledge, creativity, risk taking, ongoing learning, and getting out of our comfort zone.  Ms. Subia enjoys building relationships and helping others grow into new experiences each day.  She wants to break the traditional mindset of people staying stuck in their own world when it comes to their profession and daily lives, by building an awareness of new trends in order to stay ahead in today's fast changing world.  She wants to make perception a reality by making real world problems transparent and allowing people to come together to solve them. Linda is starting with Odessa, the city she was born and raised.  

She was educated through the public school system and is a proud graduate of Odessa High School.  Linda has many teachers to look back and be thankful for. She holds a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and Bachelor's degree in Humanities from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. She is a Texas certified Principal EC-12 and teacher EC-4.  She has sixteen years experience in education. In addition, she has taught and been an elementary principal in Ector County Independent School District in Odessa, Texas.  She was a previous member of Compass Academy Charter School development team and board member.  Linda has researched 21st century teaching, learning, and leading, as well as, cities, entrepreneurship, trends, and innovations around the world.  She is happy to design a school of her dreams and take action on the things she has learned and experienced. 

Ms. Subia believes in empowering students to solve problems and create the world they will live in. This is why Adinvita focuses on academics, design thinking, and purposeful instruction, in which everyone and everything will be utilized to their fullest potential. Since culture and diversity is huge in today's world, Adinvita students are building a stronger and smarter city together: with city leaders, businesses, parents, and students. Linda's goals are to mold Odessa's culture to be a city that attracts a diverse network of people but first and foremost, teaching students how to be versatile themselves.  Students learn math, science, reading, technology, media, and art through in depth research and development about their city and discover ways Odessa can be brought to urbanization. Students work to develop a culture of openness and free exchange in order to find creative solutions to keep Odessa, Texas a city of opportunities and be a city on a hill that will continue to shine now and in the future.    


Amanda Ramirez, Co-founder & teacher

Amanda Ramirez is the co-founder of Adinvita. She was born and raised in Odessa, Texas.  She is a positive role model in the public school system. Amanda currently teaches 5th grade and is on her fourth year teaching for Ector County Independent School District. As a millennial, she has experienced the traditional ways of teaching and learning, but mostly uses those experiences, blends them with 21st century methods and brings new thoughts and strategies to the education world.  She enjoys numbers and solving problems in everyday life, but most of all, she loves to teach students what she knows. This is why she holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin. 

Before entering the world of education she worked as a counselor for the State of Texas, helping people with disabilities obtain employment. This employment opportunity gave her an awareness that many students, of all ages, struggle with Mathematics.  This led her to fulfill her next life purpose and gain a Texas EC-6, teacher certification.  Amanda expressed her life purpose is to help and love others in order to change the world.  This is why she continues her education to obtain a Master's degree in Mathematics. Educational Leadership, too, is on her list of life goals.  

She is a believer in Adinvita, where students utilize their talents and create a city they will learn, work, and create then prepare it for the next generations to come. Through her life experiences, education, book studies, and collaboration with others from around the world, she sees the endless possibilities for Odessa in which Adinvita students make it a city to come, learn, and thrive.

Board Members

Marsha Ceniceros Barreraz

Marsha Barreraz is the business owner of Cuts N' Cardio Aerobic Studio for 10 years.  She is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, & choreographer. She enjoys teaching to all ages.  Yes, all ages!  She currently is a Kindergarten to Second Grade magnet teacher at Milam Elementary, in Ector County Independent School District.  The highlight of this experience is watching primary children's enthusiasm as they listen and dance to music!  She loves helping others achieve fitness goals and thrives on observing others work hard through their crazy fitness journeys!  She is a kinesthetic, hands on learner and always gives her best.  Ms. Barreraz has a reputation of being loyal, trustworthy, responsible, and goal oriented.

Mrs. Barreraz is proud to be on the board of directors for Adinvita.  She wants to more than one hundred percent committed to a school that is purpose driven and will reflect Odessa's city, businesses, and future generation.  Marsha believes she can utilize her talents, knowledge, and life experiences to make Adinvita a school where children love to come to and where they can create today and continuously move forward for a better tomorrow.  

As a current business owner, she also wants to make an impact in Odessa, the city in which she was born and raised in.  She attended Dowling Elementary, Bonham Junior High, and is a graduate of Permian High School. 

Enrique Romero

Enrique Romero brings over 20 years of diversified experience in retail, oil & gas, international business, insurance, marketing, business consulting, and banking. He began his banking career in Consumer Banking and transitioned to Corporate & Investment Banking with a focus in lower to middle market companies. Enrique resides in Odessa, Texas and served as the Regional Director for America’s Small Business Development Center in Odessa/Midland. He is the Founder and Managing Partner at The Midessa Group. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Northwood University in Marketing/Management, International Business and Accounting. The only way to make a difference in education is to be part of the solution and walk the walk. He is on Adinvita's board of directors and ready to make an impact for Odessa children and businesses.