Adinvita Mission & vision

Big Picture Learning

Adinvita, a non-profit organization, is created and focused on innovation, design thinking, and solving real world problems. Through the diamond strategy, we bring learning to life. Students are facilitated to co-work and co-learn through a systematic approach by platforming education, city officials, businesses, non-profits, and community. We have established Adinvita as a premier private school in West Texas while instilling and maintaining good character, respect, and self motivation. Together we are designing a multifaceted generation that will illuminate the Permian Basin in the years to come.

We promise to discover, create, and grow to keep up with the trends of our fast changing world. Nothing is set in stone at Adinvita. We are taking our fascinating and imperfect ideas and using them as a part of our design thinking and creative process. At Adinvita, it's all about discoveries, experiences, risk taking, and having a growth mindset. Time is precious and innovation is constant; therefore, we are open to new opportunities to gain life experiences.

For the 2019-2020 school year, Adinvita will accept grades Pre-K: 3 & 4 year olds through 7th. Every year after, the next consecutive grade levels will open, until we establish an academic Pre-K to 12th grade institution of ongoing innovation.