It all started with…

A group of devoted local educators who had a vision to create a multi-strategic, private school of innovation, design thinking, and problem solving. Their vision is to place education at the forefront and understand how children perceive the world and influence their dreams to come true. By shaping the environment, the team has enough time, resources, and focus in order to turn the creative process into real value creation. They teach children how to solve problems that are right in front of them and focus on the trends of the future in order to stay ahead of our fast changing world.

The Adinvita team has discovered that the children they educate end up leaving Odessa to begin their careers in larger cities for better opportunities. Their thinking is why not create opportunity for everyone? Imagine a community where teachers, students, parents, and city leaders utilize their knowledge, experiences, and ongoing learning to mold a culture of abundance opportunities. Adinvita and it's generation are devoted to Odessa's problems, renovations, successes, and creating a city on a hill that can shine for the world to see.