Adinvita Charita Scholarship

The Adinvita Charita Lottery Scholarship is a $1,250.00 scholarship that will go towards student tuition.  The first fifty students to enroll,their names will be added to a drawing.  Four participants will be chosen.  If you would like to participate, download the application, fill it out, and upload it to the link provided.  

Adinvita Charita Lottery Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Upload

Sponsorship Application

Adinvita's Sponsorship Program gives students the opportunity to attend Adinvita. We will work hand in hand to find a community sponsor. This application is not a registration document. It gives us information about the student so we can reach out to the community and find the student a sponsor. Once applications are submitted, we will contact you. 

Sponsorship Application 

Sponsorship Application Upload