Adinvita Programs

A purposeful systematic approach to making a difference in our world through our future generation.  


Adinvita Charita

A goods, services, and funding charity program designed, created, and executed by Adinvita students.  The program's aim is to impact lives through learning, experiences, and spreading ideas, in addition to, instilling good character, respect, self-motivation, and purpose in our students.

Sponsor a child:  Adinvita is accepting sponsors to help a child attend Adinvita.  Sponsorships go directly to tuition charges.  If you would like to sponsor a child, please call 432-305-9566 or upload our sponsorship application here:  



Adinvita Economic Development Program

Adinvita will help grow an innovative and circular economy in the Permian Basin. The members of our systematic diamond strategy are: students, businesses, nonprofits, parents, and overall community. Through communication and collaboration, challenges are at the forefront to design, create, and execute an authentic city program and bring it to reality.  


All funds go directly to support each program and go back into the community.